Discipleship Pathways

Next Steps

Where are you in your faith journey?

We want to experience Christ, so people can experience Christ through us. So we have created Discipleship Pathways. No matter, where you are in your faith journey, we have a place for you. Select a starting point below. Each pathway features resources we offer to support and guide you along your journey to be more like Christ.


Tim is exploring faith in God, but doesn’t know where to start. He still has a lot of questions and needs community. Can you relate? Check out these resources below.  


Jennifer has been attending worship services for a while, but she wants more. She’s ready to grow her relationship with God. Can you relate? Check out these resources below.        


Some recent life events have shaken Bill’s faith. He knows he can’t be the only one dealing with something like this. Can you relate? Check out these resources below.     


Erica has been involved at church for a while now. She’s been growing, but she’s ready for the next challenge. Do you relate to Erica? Check out these resources below.