Watch: How COVID Changed A Life

Watch: How COVID Changed A Life Zach grew up in the church, but it was not until COVID that he entertained the thought that maybe everything he grew up learning at church was not a lie. Check out Zach's story of wrestling with the idea of Jesus and the resurrection.

Watch: From Communism to Freedom

Watch: From Communism to Freedom

Growing up in Cuba, Richard saw first-hand the high risk that comes with following Christ under the Castro regime. When he came to the United States, he experienced true religious freedom for the first time and felt a new sense of responsibility with it.

How Mission Trips Formed Our Boys

How Mission Trips Formed Our Boys

Missions have significantly impacted our lives and have multiplied compassion in the hearts of our boys like no other experience. Our mission experience began with weeks of training before we even boarded a plane. Our mission teams learned about the culture, the do’s...

Watch: The Ministry of Hospitality

Watch: The Ministry of Hospitality

Tara has always loved hosting friends and family at her home. It's always been something that brings her joy. But for her, it's far more than a hobby. It's a ministry. Watch as she explains the heart behind her passion for hospitality.

Maintaining Your Faith Through Infertility

Maintaining Your Faith Through Infertility

One of the hardest things we have to do in our journey with God is to maintain our faith during the hard times – the times when it feels like He’s not there, not listening, not seeing you. Or worse, the times it feels like He’s actually punishing you.  We know that’s...

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Re:Generation Issue Briefs

We all have issues, hang-ups, and struggles that keep us from experiencing everything Jesus wants for our lives. From anxiety and shame to pornography and substance abuse, freedom is possible. Re:Generation offers an opportunity to grow and overcome these issues in community with others. 

In addition to the Tuesday meetings, you can learn more about the hundreds of issues addressed in a typical Re:Generation meeting. Browse through the issues, learn more about what the Bible says, and take steps toward freedom.

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May 9, 2021

What to Do When You Want to Be Free

Luke 13:10-17
Leroy Armstrong



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Today’s Study

Galatians: Week 10 | Day 5

Galatians: Week 10 | Day 5

Day 5  Lisa Sheffler, author   Listen at   Happy Friday! Let’s reflect on what we’ve learned this week, invite the Spirit to transform us and commit to living out his guidance. Reflect   Take another look at Galatians 5:1–12. What are Paul’s main...

Recent Studies

Galatians: Week 10 | Day 4

Day 4    Lisa Scheffler, author   Listen at    In Galatians, Paul answers two big questions that people still ask today: 1) How is someone accepted into God’s family? 2) How then do they live?  We’ve seen him insist over and over...

Galatians: Week 10 | Day 3

Day 3 Lisa Scheffler, author Listen at A caged bird can’t fly, a chained elephant can’t roam, and a cheetah in a pen can’t run. No matter the reasons for restraining them, the simple fact is that these animals can’t act according to their...

Galatians: Week 10 | Day 2

Day 2  Lisa Scheffler, author Listen at One time, when my daughter was an adorable preschooler with a not-so-adorable temper, she threatened to call Social Security on me. She was angry because I wouldn’t let her do something that, in her young...

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Parenting with Purpose in the Quarantine

Parenting with Purpose in the Quarantine

If you're a parent right now, you're likely facing some unprecedented challenges. The parks are closed. The kids are wired up. Oh, and then there's e-learning! And if you're also working, any last hope of work/life balance likely disappeared weeks ago. So how can you...

Quarantined With Your Spouse

Quarantined With Your Spouse

Let's face it, quarantine isn't easy on the marriage. Even the happiest relationships are being tested by the lack of structure and close quarters. Even the smallest things can begin to drive each other nuts. And if your marriage was already struggling, the situation...

Keeping Your Sanity in the Quarantine

Keeping Your Sanity in the Quarantine

In recent weeks, the entire world has been on the edge of panic. For those who were already prone to mental health issues, the fear and forced isolation only makes it harder to cope. Many people are feeling lonely and anxious. So how can we stay mentally healthy in...

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