Next Steps

Baptism is a beautiful, public display of a person’s commitment to follow Jesus. It’s a time of joy and celebration over what God has done in an individual’s life.

At Christ Fellowship, baptisms take place in the services every 2-3 months. When you’re baptized, you’ll be offered the chance to write a statement that will be read in the services before you’re immersed under the water by a close family member, friend, or one of our pastors. 

If you’re ready to go public about your relationship with Jesus, we want to celebrate that with you in our next baptism service! Simply let us know you’re interested and our team will contact you soon. The week of your baptism, you’ll be asked to attend a short, one-time class where you’ll learn what it means to be baptized and what to expect on Sunday morning.

What about kids?

If your child has recently made a decision and would like to be baptized, we have a special New Believer’s Class designed just for you and them! We will walk them through what it means, make sure they understand the decision they’ve made, and answer any questions they (or you) may have!

Do you baptize babies?

At Christ Fellowship, we believe baptism is designed for those who have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus. For that reason, we don’t baptize infants. However, we do offer baby dedications for families of new children where we can celebrate the new life in your family and affirm your commitment to raise them toward Jesus. 

Next Baptism Services

July 28, 2024 | 9:30 & 11:15 am