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Bruce Miller

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Matt Morrison

Matt Thielepape

Will Yates

Garland Beasley

Beverly Caponi

Stephanie Cassidy

Don Closson

Jessica Connally

Sue Coraluzzi

Wendy Durant

Serena Evans

Adam Ewing

Rheanell Farrill

Nick Ganter

Kate Gray

Shane Griggs

Kerri Hamilton

Jason Hibdon

Gabe Jimenez

Tamra Kearl

Dave Lewis

Ed Lorenz

Heather McLaughlin

Blair McNair

Kevin Miller

Mike Mitchell

Tommy Ned, Jr.

Paul Norris

Daniel Perea

Brooke Poe

Jake Potter

Daniel Ramirez

Karen Roam

Ron Ryan

Tessa Sanchez

Jorge Santafe

Esther Sarmento

Lisa Scheffler

Neil Schultz

Kristi Silva

Belinda Soto

Beverly Tecza

Jan Touchberry

John Touchberry

Ashley Trail

Mark Wilson

Laurie Wright

Mark Wyatt

Crystal Yates


How is Christ Fellowship governed?  Who oversees the church and cares for its people and how are they selected?  Christ Fellowship is led by an extraordinary group of people who give their time and resources to serve our staff and church family and champion our mission. Learn more about our elders here.

Bruce Miller

Don Closson

Adam Ewing

Nick Ganter

Dave Lewis

Daniel Ramirez

Ron Ryan

Mark Wilson

In addition to their time on our board, our elders also give their time to serve others at Christ Fellowship. For example, you’ll often see Mark helping our guests find a seat on Sunday morning, Daniel teaching in our Spanish service, and Nick leading our First Step class.

If you’d like to join them in our mission of people helping people find and follow Christ, sign up here.