Year-End Contributions

At this special time of year, many of us look for ways to help others. Please consider giving more to your church home. Giving to your church will impact lives and support the cause of Christ as we together help people find and follow him. Every dollar given is used prayerfully. Thank you for your generous giving to the cause of Christ.

All money is God’s money.

When you support Christ Fellowship, it ensures that the church’s ministry in Collin County and around the globe can continue and expand. That means more people changed by Jesus’ life and message, more homes transformed by his grace, and more communities impacted by his justice.


All money is God’s money. But when it’s specifically given to the church, we treat it with high regard. We know that when you give, you’re supporting the cause of Christ. For that reason, we believe in complete and total financial transparency.

The information provided below details our current financial status, policies, and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, email Steve Chappell at

McKinney Campus

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Anna Campus

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