In early 2020, we looked over our community and one word kept popping up– overwhelmed. Parents, teenagers, young adults, senior adults, single moms, students, young married couples are overwhelmed. Loneliness, anxiety and addiction have only intensified from the impact of the pandemic. We need each other. We need Jesus. Today our vision is clear.

It’s time to rise up. It’s time to gather around the table.

Now more than ever, our community craves connection, peace and freedom. It’s time to come together – and it’s happening around the table.


Our vision is to reduce loneliness, anxiety, and addiction by having meaningful conversations where people experience Christ through us.

It’s time to rise up and invite our people to the table. At the table, meaningful conversations unfold and lives are transformed. 

The lonely will find connection, the anxious will experience peace, and the addicted will taste freedom as they experience Christ through his people. As we gather around the table, our hope is that our community in Collin County will experience the love of Christ. They will be known and loved.

The movement has begun. The time is now. Who will you rise up for? 

Take the next step.

We are getting outside of our bubbles, our comfort zones, and walls of our church. We’re impacting the people around us. Who will you have a series of meaningful conversations with this year? Who will you invite to your table? CF Encouragers are committed to living out this new vision. Sign up below, so we can gift you resources and community to support your CF Encourager lifestyle.