About the Engage God DailY

Jesus invites us to know him personally and engage with him daily. Through daily Bible reading and prayer, we can grow in our relationship with him. The Engage God Daily is a daily resource designed to help you better understand the Bible and take you deeper into the concepts taught on Sunday mornings.

Use this guide to prepare for next Sunday’s teaching. Each day presents a reading, Scripture, and a prayer to help grow in your walk with Christ this week. 

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Current Message Series

It's election season once again, and the debates are getting louder! We all have our own positions on the issues, but there's a bigger questions Christians must face - how do we engage in political issues as Jesus would have us do it? What are our obligations to our earthly government, while serving our greater, Heavenly King? Join us on Sundays this fall as we discuss our roles and responsibilities as dual citizens - in Heaven and Earth.