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Love does unexpected, sometimes even crazy things. It makes us plan romantic dates with our spouses. It drives us to watch annoying movies on repeat with our kids until we can quote it, just to show them we care. It drives us to take phone calls at late hours of the night, surprise others with creative gifts, and sacrifice parts of ourselves we never imagined giving away.

This kind of love is ingrained in us by our Creator and it’s expressed to its fullest in Jesus. Through his birth, life, death, and resurrection, he demonstrated the greatest love possible. When we experience him, we can’t help but love others the same way.

With Spring in the air, join us as we explore this unexpected love and demonstrate it all across Collin County together!

Do the #Unexpected in Our Community

Ready to take Jesus unexpected love into the community? Browse the organizations and opportunities below to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. The listing includes both volunteer and resource needs that you can address individually, with your family, or with your life group! 

Be #Unexpected

Ready to demonstrate the unexpected love to others that you've experienced from Jesus?  Here are some ideas for simple acts that make a huge difference! 

Inspire Others

Have you or your family done something unexpected for others? Inspire those around you by sharing it on Facebook or Instagram! Simply use the #Unexpected hashtag so we can all see it!