Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…
John 14:12

Greater things are coming to Christ Fellowship!

In case you missed it: our Senior Pastor, Bruce Miller, announced he will be stepping into a new role at Christ Fellowship next year as Founding Pastor.

Hear his story of faithfulness and obedience to God’s prompting, in his own words:

So, what does this all mean?

Bruce will continue as our Senior Pastor until next fall, when he will pass the baton to someone new, and move into his new role.

As Founding Pastor, Bruce will be able to pour his heart into caring for our people, teaching courses, and leaning into both local and global missions.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Bruce on this new role, and in praying for him over the course of the next year.

We’re eager to see where God takes Christ Fellowship next! We know He has great things in store for our church as we move into our next era.


Why is Bruce changing roles?

Bruce is being obedient to God’s prompting, just as he was when God led him to start a church in McKinney more than 27 years ago. Over the past year, Bruce has felt a distinct and clear call from God to step down from serving as Senior Pastor and focus on writing. Through many months of seeking the Lord for wisdom and consulting with his family and trusted advisors, Bruce has felt God’s call reaffirmed, again and again.

Through these discussions, Bruce and the Elders all felt that the time was right for a new senior pastor to help us reach the next generation for Christ.

What will Bruce be doing in his new role?

As Founding Pastor, Bruce will continue to minister in our church, care for our people, teach courses, and preach from time to time. He will also be able to lean into other ministry work in our local community and our global missions, specifically mentoring and training other pastors.

Will Bruce still preach on Sundays?

Yes, Bruce will continue preaching in his current role until fall 2024. He loves and has a passion for preaching, so after he takes on his new role as Founding Pastor, he will still occasionally preach at Christ Fellowship, as requested by the new Senior Pastor and Elders.

Are any other staff or Elders leaving or changing positions?

We do not anticipate any of our team leaders leaving during this process. While we naturally have turnover during any given year, our staff intends to give it their all throughout this season.

Who will be the next Senior Pastor?

We do not know who the next Senior Pastor will be yet, but we have been and will continue working on an overall process for identifying that person. We’re praying for God to lead us through this process. We invite you to please join us in praying for our next Senior Pastor.

Who will decide who we hire as the new Senior Pastor?

Our Elder Team is responsible for making that decision, in harmony with the New Testament teaching regarding church leadership, that the church be led by multiple qualified leaders. Ultimately, Jesus Christ is the head of the church, so the essence of the elders’ role is to seek his direction in overseeing, guiding, and caring for the church. The Elders will seek input from people in the church, including our staff. Please join us in lifting our Elders up in your prayers throughout this process.

Will the church’s mission, vision, or priorities change?

We remain committed to our mission, vision, and values. While we have adjusted our ministry programs to match the church’s and the community’s needs over the past 27 years, we have always been People Helping People Find and Follow Christ, and we are committed to that mission. You can find more about our church Identity here

What will happen to our Spanish Campus?

Being “one church, two languages” continues to be part of the DNA of our church. The right Senior Pastor for our church will be one who shares our passion, and we trust that God will bring that person to us.

When is Bruce’s last day as Senior Pastor?

We don’t have a “last day” set in stone at this point. Bruce plans to remain our Senior Pastor for about a year, and then will pass the baton to the new Senior Pastor, likely in the fall of 2024.

We want to give this transition the celebration it deserves, so stay tuned for more information as soon as we have that timeline solidified.

How can I help?
  1. First and foremost, by praying. Pray for:
         • God’s hand in our search process for our new Senior Pastor, to build on the CF legacy and carry it forward.
         • Discernment and wisdom for our Elders as they develop and navigate this process.
         • Reassurance for our church body during this transition.
         • Our church’s continued health throughout this transitional period, and in the years to come.
  2. By strengthening the faith of friends and family who may struggle with change, and encouraging them with confidence in God’s plan.
  3. By continuing to join in our mission to be people helping people find and follow Christ; serving our church family, our ministries, our community, and our global missions; and by your generous financial giving.

Join the Prayer Team!

If you would like to commit to praying for Christ Fellowship through the transition process, please text PRAY to 469-717-6440 to sign up to receive specific prayer prompts via text.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, and we’ll get in touch.

Reach out to the Elders

Our elder team consists of Marcus Brock, Adam Ewing, Nick Ganter, Neal Mackey, Ken Mattson, Bruce Miller, and Ron Ryan. They are happy to answer any questions you may have, hear your concerns, and pray with you. Feel free to email them at elders@cfhome.org.

Reach out to our Executive Team

Our Executive Team consists of Senior Pastor Bruce Miller; Executive Pastor of Ministry, David Klippert-Rowe; Executive Pastor of Vision, Laurie Wright; and Executive Pastor of Spanish Ministry, Jaime Gonzalez. You can reach them at et@cfhome.org.