Discipleship Pathways

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The Restoring Pathway | Worship in a Gathering

Did you relate to Bill? This is the “Restoring” pathway. There are four sections to the “Restoring” Pathway: engage God individually, connect in a group, worship in a gathering, and impact others personally. Below you will find resources to help you worship. 

We meet weekly to sing, pray, study the Bible together through teaching, observe the Lord’s Supper and ultimately encounter God together. 



Have you joined us on a Sunday morning yet? We would love to have you! Whether in-person or online, in English or in Spanish, there is a place for you. 

10 things you should know about the Lord’s supper

How do you worship through the Lord’s supper? Learn more below.  

Explore why we sing together in church

What is the importance of singing together in church? Learn more below.

EXPLORE the 3 big questions about giving

Why do we give? How much should we give? How often? We all have questions about giving. Explore more on this topic below.