Discipleship Pathways

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The Maturing Pathway | Engage God Individually

Did you relate to Erica? This is the “Maturing” pathway. There are four sections to the “Maturing” Pathway: engage God individually, connect in a group, worship in a gathering and impact others personally. Below you will find resources to help you engage with God individually. This means spending time with him regularly by reading the Bible, talking with him in prayer, and actively learning more about him.


Participate in the Digging Deeper Series

Are you looking to learn a little more and go a little deeper in the study of God’s Word? Our Digging Deeper series provides classes throughout the year you can join. Learn more about our upcoming class, under the Groups and Bible Studies section near the bottom of the page.


The single most impactful thing you can do to make progress along the path to maturity is to engage with God and His Word daily. Are you ready to supercharge your Bible reading, study, prayer, and overall time with God? Check out this digital library. 

Learn About Fasting

Looking to learn more about fasting and how it will help you engage with God individually? Senior Pastor, Bruce Miler, talks about different types of fasts.     

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