Discipleship Pathways

Next Steps

The Maturing Pathway | Connect in a Group

Did you relate to Erica? This is the “Maturing” pathway. There are four sections to the “Maturing” Pathway: engage God individually, connect in a group, worship in a gathering, and impact others personally. Below you will find resources to help you connect in a group. 

Our spiritual lives may be personal, but they were never meant to be private. Personal growth happens best in the context of relationships, so we connect in authentic small groups where we can continually be known, loved, encouraged, and challenged to grow and impact others.



Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Small groups meet throughout the week in homes, on campus, and in public spaces across Collin county. Click below to find a life group.     


Interested in helping others discover more about their faith? Learn more about leading a group and our upcoming group facilitator trainings.

Become a Moms Connection “Mentor Mom”

Motherhood is a balancing act and a tough one at that! Moms Connection needs more “Mentor Moms” to encourage our moms.

Participate in the Digging Deeper Series

Our Digging Deeper series provides classes throughout the year to help you go a little deeper in your study of God’s Word. Learn more about our upcoming classes, under the Groups and Bible Studies section near the bottom of the page.