Meet Tim.

Tim is exploring faith in God and wants to better understand what believing in Jesus is all about. He feels like there are changes he wants to make in his life but isn’t sure where to start Tim is interested in connecting with a few trusted people who can answer some questions about the Bible and prayer. He’s also got questions about serving and giving to the church. He’s curious about what is available to help him develop his relationship with God and determine the next steps in his faith journey.  

Do you relate to Tim? This is the “exploring” pathway. Below you will find resources to help you engage with God individually, connect in a group, learn about ways to can impact others, and resources about where and how to gather for worship. 



Begin Reading Your Bible

Whether you have never read the Bible before or you have only cracked it open on occasion, we have a resource just for you. Learn how to begin your daily BIble reading habit, by clicking here.

How To Pray

Struggle to pray? Don’t know what to say? Click here, to explore this resource that dives into the power of prayer and how to pray. 

Learn About Engage God Daily

Jesus invites us to know him personally and engage with him daily. Through daily Bible reading and prayer, we can grow in our relationship with him. The Engage God Daily is a daily resource designed to help you better understand the Bible and take you deeper into the concepts taught on Sunday mornings. Click here to receive Engage God Daily in your inbox. 

Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer

Our prayer ministry director, Rheanell Farrill talks about getting started with prayer. (Watch Video)


Groups & Studies: men’s, women’s, mom’s, Care, Life Groups

Groups & Studies: men’s, women’s, mom’s, Care, Life Groups click here

Join A Discovery Group

Interested in discovering more about your faith? Check out one of our Discovery Groups. This is one of the best first steps you can take to help get you involved at Christ Fellowship. Email to find a group.

Join A New Believer's Group

New to the faith? We have a place just for you! “Explore” is a 12-week study, which will meet at the McKinney campus.

Click here to join “Explore – Discovering the Christian Life”

Join a Life Group

Life isn’t meant to be done alone.

The Bible teaches us that life to the fullest happens in the context of authentic relationships. The true heart of Christ Fellowship is best expressed in small groups that meet throughout the week in homes, on campus, and in public spaces across Collin county. This is where you can be known and loved – where you’ll build lasting friendships and experience true community. To join a life group, click here


Learn More About Our New Vision "The Table"

Have you heard about our new vision, “The Table”? As a church we are committing to make sure those in our community are known and loved. Click here to learn more and see how you can be involved!

How To Share Your Story & Meaningful Conversations

Every time you tell the story about how you came to have a personal relationship with God, you give honor and glory to God, and He is pleased with that. That story is your Christian testimony: the story about how God has changed your life through a personal relationship with Him. To learn how to share your story in meaningful conversations, click here. 

Check Out The Opportunity Finder

Want to serve, but don’t know where? Check out our Opportunity Finder! This search engine will help you find all the different volunteer opportunities, from serving in Promiseland, joining our Student media team or becoming a greeter! Click here to find your volunteer opportunity.

Become A CF Encourager

You might have heard by now the phrase “our new vision.” We are eager to reduce loneliness, anxiety, and addiction through having meaningful conversations where people experience Christ through us. When you join the movement, you become a CF Encouragers. CF Encouragers are committed to living out this new vision! Click here to learn more about our CF Encouragers and sign up to receive resources to help you have regular meaningful conversations with those around you. 


Attend Weekly Worship Service

Have you joined us on a Sunday morning yet? We would love to have you! Whether in-person or online, there is a place for you. Click here to learn more about our service times.

Learn About The Lord's Supper

What is the Lord’s Supper all about? Click here to learn more.

Learn About Baptism

What is the importance of baptism? Learn more about baptism and what it is all about, by clicking here.

Ready to get baptized? Sign up for our next baptism here!

Explore Why We Give

Why do we give? How much should we give? How often? We all have questions about giving. Click here to explore why we given.