Day Five: Foundation for Life

July 24

Bible Story

The House on the Rock (Mathew 7:24-29)

Today’s Point

Jesus helps me know how to live.

Memory Verse

Philippians 1:6 (NIrV) God began a good work in you. And I am sure that he will carry it on until it is completed. That will be on the day Christ Jesus returns.

Jesus often used parables to help His listeners understand a spiritual truth. It is interesting to notice first, WHEN did Jesus share this parable? In Matthew it comes after three chapters of Jesus’ sermon on the mount, the longest continuous recorded series of teachings by Jesus. Luke also shares this parable, and it too comes at the end of his abbreviated account of the same sermon. Needless to say, Jesus was referring back to the wealth of spiritual teaching He had just shared with His listeners. Doesn’t that make you think, “Wait! Then what did He say?” Jesus even began this parable with the word, “Therefore,” a word that means to pay attention to what had previously been said. It might be a good time to reread the sermon for yourself and listen with your spiritual ears to what God can reveal to you. 

In this final session of VBS, this parable also helps us encourage kids to remember what they have learned from God’s Word about who Jesus is, why He came, and what He taught us. The parable talks about wise and foolish builders. The words “wise” and “foolish” are not references to intellect. Rather, Jesus is saying those who listen to and obey His words are wise. Those who ignore them are foolish.

The Old Testament often depicted the wrath of God as a storm. Difficulties and tragedies in life are often referred to as storms. Storms may also come in the form of spiritual attacks by the enemy. Either way, Jesus wanted His followers to know that those who hear His words and act on them will have the foundation necessary to withstand any storm.

Daily Blueprint

Bob the Builder’s Daily Blueprint Video
Jackhammer Music
Intro Activity and Memory Verse Activity
Bible Story: Jesus Made a Promise (Mathew 28:1-10,16-20)
Review and Discussion Questions
Wrecking Ball Recreation: Construction Rubble Clean up
Food Truck Snack Suggestion: Rice Krispie Paint Brushes
Building Science: Rockin’ Cement
Bulldozer Crafts: VBS Construction Picture Frame Magnet
Excavator Missions: Peanut Butter & #2 Pencils

Today’s Lessons & Activities

Lunch Pail with Builder Bob

An overview of today’s activities!

Today’s Memory Verse

A look at the Bible verse we will be committing to heart today.

The Bible Story

A journey into the Bible story for today.

Science Time!

 A walk through the science experiment for the day. 

The Missions Blueprint

What you can collect and do to support our missions partners today.

The Gospel Message

Everything we’re studying this week comes down to one central message – that Jesus loves you and paid the ultimate sacrifice to be your forever friend. In this video, David explains what it means to know Jesus and follow him. This video is a great tool to begin the gospel conversation with your own kids at home.

Today’s Worship Music