Re:generation FAQ

Freedom in Christ from any Struggle

What to Expect
On the first night, guests will attend a First Time Guests class to learn about the program and ask questions about the process. On the following evenings, participants will attend Groundwork, which is the initial step before being placed into a Step Group.

In Groundwork, participants become familiar with the curriculum, working on the coursework and sharing with others. After the completion of Groundwork, once participants have demonstrated a desire to continue, they will eventually be placed into a Step Group with about 10-12 other participants and two leaders. As a group, participants will walk through the re:generation 12-step curriculum.

 How long does it take?
The entire re:generation journey takes about a year; with Groundwork usually taking ~3-4 months, Step Groups take ~10 months. Groundwork daily lessons take ~10 minutes per day to complete, while Step Group daily lessons take ~30 per day to complete.

 Is it worth the time? 30 minutes a day with God for a year, actively working on your recovery and connecting with others will change your life. Yes. It is worth the time.

 What does a typical evening look like?
For the first half of the evening, participants gather as one large group in the Tree House to hear stories of life change, teachings, and to worship together. Afterward, participants break into preassigned smaller groups for the remainder of the evening: First Time Guests groups, Groundwork groups, and Step Groups. 

 Is childcare available?
Yes! Childcare is available and provided for ages 8 weeks to 5th grade. Advance registration is required. 
Register for childcare.

 How do I start?
You don’t need to preregister or fill out a form. All you have to do is show up. If you are reading this, you are invited to start your recovery journey! Start any Tuesday night. We will save you a seat.