Living In A Culture| Day 5


Barry Applewhite, author


In discussing Paul’s command to rejoice in Christ always (Philippians 4:4), Fee notes with disapproval that various Christian groups have adopted “the wearing of black clothes and the long face” as their outward expression of Christian piety.[1]

How does that particular expression of Christian piety described above fit with what Paul teaches? What do you see at Christ Fellowship in your circle of friends that either does or does not match that approach to Christian life? What role does joy play?

In Philippians 4:6–7, Paul talks about turning our anxiety into God’s protective peace through prayer.

What role does prayer play in your life, and how do you use it (or how could you use it) to deal with the anxiety that our age provides in plenty?


Trying to figure out something in American culture that Christ would approve or do is not a trivial matter. You need to interact with those who are mature in Christ to get their ideas. Here is one such area:


What kinds of media do you consume, and what do you suppose Jesus would say about your choices? What about your social media postings? In what way do they represent Christ’s kingdom?

[1] Fee, Philippians, 404.