Over the past few weeks, we have been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus. As a church, we have a responsibility to protect and serve the vulnerable. Because of this, we will not gather at Orchid Drive or at Anna Middle School for the next few weeks. Our Christ Fellowship family and their guests will gather in their homes all across our community and participate in online services for the foreseeable future. Our worship services will be available online only. The livestream will be available at:

You can participate in our English online worship service at both 9:30 and 11:15 am. In Spanish, join us online on Facebook for our live worship service at 11:15 am.

Even though we won’t be physically together, I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday as we gather from our homes. This is an exciting episode in our current series, The Story. Will and Crystal will lead us in worship. We will still participate in the Lord’s Supper together, so I encourage you to grab some bread and drink from the kitchen before we start. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the offering online. I am thankful for today’s technology and I look forward to us coming together in spirit on Sunday.

Watch Online

Bethlehem Food Pantry

As the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak spreads, more families in our community are experiencing food insecurities. Bethlehem Food Pantry in Prosper is both in need of food items and is able to receive them. You can help families served by this amazing organization this week. Here's what you can do:

1. Download their suggested shopping list using the button below.
2. Add a few of the listed items to your grocery list this week. (NOTE: Only add a few items as we don't want to make the hoarding situation at the grocery stores worse.)
3. On Saturday, March 28, from 12-3 pm, drop off your items at the drop off zone in the front of the McKinney campus.

Download the Shopping List

Join us at a few minutes before the service begins and follow the prompts to log into the livestream.

You can give online by clicking here.

If you need assistance during this time, feel free to email us at You can also reach out to us or follow us on social media. We will also continue to communicate with you through our mobile app and by email. If you are not on our email list, you can subscribe here.

Now is not the time to be paralyzed by fear but to be activated by love. Now is not the time to retreat into self-protection but to reach out in self-giving action. For the sake of Christ, we’re encouraging you to seize the unique kingdom opportunities in this season, both personally and with the church, in the following ways:

Worship Together
If you’re in a Life Group or another kind of small group such as a Bible Study or Re|Engage or Re:Generation group, gather together in one of your homes to worship together as you watch the service. If you have neighbors who attend Christ Fellowship (or who don’t attend church at all), invite them to worship with you too. Provide donuts and fruit. Make it an event everyone wishes you could do every week, even while we pray we don’t have to keep doing it for long!

Use Social Media to Let Others Know You’re Here
It would be an encouragement to each other and to our community to see Christ Fellowship gathered in homes, small groups, and all over our community.

Even if you need to join us online by yourself this Sunday, we don’t want you to be alone during this season. Take a selfie and post it on social media, including #cfhome in your post. Every member of our family is important. You matter.

Connect in Your Group
Meet together in person or virtually using Zoom, Skype, or another online platform. You might form a group-text on platforms like GroupMe to increase your connection and decrease isolation, especially for those who need to be confined to their homes. We need each other. Study the Word. Pray for each other. Check on each other. No one is alone at Christ Fellowship.

Impact Others
Pray. Pray for people and let them know you are praying. Ask them for what to pray for. Walk through your neighborhood praying for those in each home or apartment.

Encourage. Connect by Facetime, Skype, email and text. Communicate with your family, those in your small group, and those you work with. Write notes of encouragement and prayers to the elderly, first responders, healthcare workers, and others in vulnerable positions. Offer to pick up medicines or groceries for those who are quarantined or vulnerable and confined to their home. You can leave them outside their door.

Help. The early church pooled their resources to help those in need. Pray about how you can help someone who is experiencing financial hardship during this crisis. Pray for Each Other If you’re feeling under the weather or need to be wise about getting out of the house at all these days, we totally understand! Please email us so our team can be praying for you and following-up with you during this time.